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  Mist-A-Fire; 3-in-1 Archery Accessory
Scent Shooter


The Mist-A-Fire, a US patented product, sold exclusively through X-treme Hunting Products, is a versatile tool that lets you test for Wind Direction, Lay a Scent trail, and Reduces Bow Shock.

Easy to install, the Mist-A-Fire attaches to any stabilizer with a 5/16" thread. To use just fill the bottle with a liquid scent, grab the air ball and firmly squeeze. Mist-A-Fire will release a fine smoke like mist into the air. We recommend using a liquid scent that is either natural or synthetic.

The Mist-A-Fire comes in several camo patterns, each hand dipped, creating an entirely unique look for each device.


  Camo Copper Magnetic Cuff Bracelets
Bracelet Marshgrass - Comes in Small and Med/Large

ADVANTAGE Light Camo - Comes in Small and Med/Large

Bracelet Dark Camo - Comes in Small and Med/Large


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